The Importance Of Business Administration Education

In today’s world it is essential to be educated and highly qualified. There are so many qualified people and only so many jobs. So unless you have enough of degrees, it is not easy to land yourself a good job. There are many universities and colleges offering excellent courses. Some of the courses are full time and others part time. There are also colleges which offer courses online. This works very well for people who are already working or for some reason are not able to attend college or university regularly. Some of these online colleges offer courses in many subjects but some specialize in certain streams only. Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree is one of the popular courses offered as an online degree.

Courses Offered
The different online courses offered for Business Administration Bachelor’s Degrees can vary from one year honors courses or a two year course. Choosing to enrol in one these courses would mean that you would have to attend college once a week. Certain days are offered and you choose the one that would work best. Classes are held on weekends too; hence you do not have to take off from work. The staff is normally very good and you could receive online support from the many teachers available online. The normal method of evaluation is a continuous assessment, which means no final semester exams are held.

How Can A Degree Help?
It is possible to get a job soon after passing out of school, but they would most probably be low paid jobs with not much of a future. But if you are ambitious and would like to climb the career ladder then you should arm yourself with some good degrees. It would also mean more highly paid jobs. It also helps you when you have a family. Parents with a degree will be able to be more involved with the education of their children. They would be able to help them with their school work or projects. Children are thus motivated. Finally it is easier to get a job if you have a Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree in your list of qualifications on your resume.

Other Courses Offered
There are other courses too offered by these online colleges. MBA programmed that last a year, a bachelor’s degree in computer science and in information technology. These courses are so designed that it will easily accommodate the already demanding schedule of the student, since many of them are working. They give the student the choice to choose between evening classes or weekend classes, and hence they do not have to miss work. All these points work in favor of the student and thus many working people are trying to get themselves more qualified by enrolling in the various courses like the Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree which is also being offered.

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The Business of Distance Education

The business of distance learning – online education courses offered by colleges, universities, and trade schools – is an up and down affair. On the surface it would seem that distance learning providers are doing quite well, but according to a May 12, 2005 report at the Motley Fool financial website, the stocks of companies like eCollege and SkillSoft are earning less than honorable marks in the market. There is no plausible explanation for the drop in eCollege’s stock price from $18.18 per share to $9.07 as of the date of the report since the distance learning company’s quarterly report noted a net increase in first-quarter revenue of 21% compared to the first-quarter of 2004.

Perhaps it is the still sketchy reputation of distance learning and online education that is causing investors to be shy about the companies. Internet based companies of all kinds with the exception of giants like eBay and Amazon have traditionally had rocky rides ever since the dot com debacle of the late nineties. Presumably, those trends will soon change.

Distance learning is growing every day. Because online education offers opportunities in adult education unlike any that have existed before, the business itself is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2001, the British market research firm IDC made the prediction that the worldwide distance learning and online education market would be worth $23billion by 2004. While numbers of that magnitude have yet to be attained, they are much more realistic for the coming years than they were four years ago.

Distance Learning is not just for adults anymore. Part of the growth of distance learning as an industry is stemmed by the fact that, though it was started as an easy alternative to night school and physical adult education classes, many high school and elementary school children are joining the distance learning glee club and receiving their primary education online. By 1999 more than a million American children were being home schooled; taught by their parents at home rather than in a traditional school. The numbers have grown since then and with online education and distance learning options becoming available, more are sure to join the ranks in the coming years.

What this means for investors is that the distance learning business is far from flunking and the decreasing stock prices of online education providers today could be indicative of a bull market after graduation.

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The Best Fit for Your Education Needs

Online business schools have exploded in popularity in recent years. Whether it’s a working professional that wants to advance in his career or a younger student that doesn’t prefer the traditional classroom, online business education has become popular with all different types of students.

If your job dictates that you can’t attend a traditional classroom during the day or live too far away from a campus, online schools or distance learning can help. Many new programs are hybrids–half classroom learning and the other half online. Many of these classes are also at night, so students can still work during the day.

Online Education: Job-Saving Alternative

Many businesses pay more and give you more responsibility–and more pay–when you have a business education. But if you’re a working adult, that can put you in a pickle: keep working dutifully and stay in your current position, or quit altogether and go back to school and earn the degree that can put you ahead. Online business schools create a third and much preferred option: Keep your job and work toward your preferred degree via the Internet on your own schedule.

Online Classrooms Direct to You

Many online business schools market themselves heavily toward the busy adult. For the distance learning institution, the traditional college student might be a stay-at-home-parent, willing to advance his career but preferring to avoid the ivy-covered buildings and throngs of recent high school graduates who tend to be more concerned with the university social scene than their education. Distance learning schools have irregular schedules to meet your needs or no schedule at all. Classes tend to go one at a time and are heavily concentrated. Remember summer school?

Competing for Your Dollar

Online business schools also give rise to regular competition for your local university. The local college used to be the only school. But now online studies are available to you almost anywhere in the country. If your college is based in Boston, Mass., but you’re in the middle of a garlic farm in Gilroy, Calif., you can still attend that school full-time without ever leaving home. If you don’t like what your local university has to offer, there are literally hundreds of online schools, all clamoring for your dollar.


Admissions at online schools tend to be more lenient. Don’t let that fool you, as the work loads are the same, but look for a few things:

• Work experience in a field related to your business degree is almost as important as prior education.
• For many undergrad programs, you can apply with just a GED.
• MBA programs usually want more work experience than the undergrads. They obviously require a bachelor’s degree, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a business-related field or carry a high GPA.
• Despite higher tuition costs, most online business schools are quick to get you on the fast track for student aid.

Online College Explosion

Online education, or distance learning, has exploded in recent years. Colleges and universities that offer any form of distance learning is at 66 percent of all accredited schools. According to the Department of Education, more than 12 million students enrolled in distance learning: 77 percent online, 12 percent in hybrid/blended online and classroom courses, and 10 percent in other distance learning classes for the 2006 to 2007 school year.

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